In-house PR or an Agency? Which is Best Route for Obtaining the Desired Results?

Q in this episode: In-house PR or agency – what is the best route to obtaining desired results, and why?   I’ve answered a similar question in my earlier ‘Should I Use a Freelancer or a PR Agency?’ episode, so don’t forget to check out the show-notes here: There are number of pros and cons of […]

What is the Difference Between PR and Marketing?

Start-up tech entrepreneur Ghazala sent me several excellent questions, all related, so I’ve split them up into convenient bite sized chunks. Let’s dive in!: Q: “When I started, I thought marketing and PR would be covered by one company/person. Could you explain the difference, what functions PR covers and excludes (e.g. social media, marketing etc. […]

Free Resources

I’ve been on a short and busy break in the run up to a client’s product launch. Today I have a special treat for listeners… I’m offering you a free download of my media lists, buyers database and more! All you have to do is give me a rating and an objective review on iTunes, […]