About Paragraph

A paragraph at the bottom of a press release providing the basic information about the company – its full legal name, a description of its business, where it is located, a brief his- tory, and its website address.

Activity Report

A summary of the progress made on a public relations initiative during specified time, de- tailing what was accomplished and when.


A paid for advertisement that is highly reflective of ‘real’ press coverage.

Bookings Editor

Responsible for casting and booking the models and/or celebrities used in the fashion pages and on the cover. The Bookings Editor aims to match appropriate models with the upcoming shoot/story, e.g. classic beauty for a high fashion sophisticated shoot, then presents the images of chosen models to the fashion editors who will make the final selection.

Break Down

Description of what is needed for a shoot; items, deadlines, theme…


Similar to a breakdown, a journalist or a stylist is ‘‘calling’’ samples in.

Contributing Fashion Editor

Like an Editor at Large, a contributing editor is not commonly responsible for any major decision making within a publication and does not contribute to the final edit. A Contributing Fashion Editor is often an established freelancer who is noted for producing articles that are of relevance and interest to a publications target reader.

Cost per 1000, CPM

The pound cost of reaching 1000 members of an audience using a particular medium.


The Term for cut outs of press coverage direct from the publication.


A set of characteristics of a certain group that describes its members background, economic status, education, and other social factors.

Editorial Meeting

A meeting with the editorial staff where the editors and reporters discuss the current news, agree upon which stories should be covered, and plan for future issues.

Executive/ Fashion Editor

Usually reporting to the Editor in Chief, the Fashion Editor controls the direction of a publications’ fashion pages, overseeing the creation, development and presentation of the fashion sections. Responsible for ensuring all fashion writers submit features on time, providing feedback and editing the content if necessary. Varying job titles are commonly used to reflect slight variations in experience and kudos of the individuals concerned.


A detailed article on a subject.

Freelance Fashion Writer / Journalist / Reporter

Almost identical job description to a Fashion Writer but freelance fashion writers are independently employed, working on a commission basis. It is not uncommon for successful writers to embark on a freelance career following a career in-house at a magazine or newspaper.


Applies to a fashion shoot that is held on or at a specific location.

Media Angle

A specific aspect of the news item that is likely to be of interest to the media and result in coverage. A part of the media angle is also the actual approach that is being utilised to communicate this news item to the media.

New Face

Refers to new models, recently launched by their agency.

Online Editor

The Online Editor assumes overall editorial responsibility for an online magazine. Highest ranking position, they are in control of a team of writers, stylists etc.

Press Pack

A collection of brand information, including the press release, look book, biography, contact details…

Press Release

Press release is simply a few paragraphs providing key points on you, your label and your current collection.

Price Points

The term usually refers to the average product price limits a publication will feature.

Public Relations Goal

The result that the public relations campaign aims to achieve. As an example, a bridal boutique that is opening up a store in the neighbourhood could set the campaign goal of making that new boutique know in the local community.

Public Relations Objective

A quantitative target for a public relations related initiative that brand hopes to achieve within the duration of a campaign, a season, or other specified time frame.


Term used to cover all samples that are being awaited by a designer or a label.

Sample Docket

A sheet enclosed with all deliveries and press returns listing all the enclosed items.


Refers to a photographic shoot, or the process of.

Shopping Editor

The role of a Shopping Editor is to explore the market, trends and products on behalf of the publications readers. Constantly searching for the season’s most desirable pieces, a Shopping Editor must aim to succinctly reflect the current fashion trends that are monopolising both the high street and designer brands, allowing their readers to quickly and easily stay abreast of the fashion industry’s movements and purchase products accordingly.

Still Life/Invisible Mannequin

An image or collection of images that are shoot without a model. Normally shot on a white background. Also called invisible mannequin shoots.


Within the setup up of a publication a stylist is ultimately responsible for realising the vision of a fashion teams brief. Often publications will employ freelance stylists via an agency who represent commercially successful fashion stylists. Responsibilities may include sourcing relevant clothing and accessories (via PR’s/brands), having input in to the choice of location and deciding upon the relevant outfits that best reflect the mood, col- our palette and theme of the story/brief. Occasionally a publication will bestow the title “Senior Stylist” upon an in-house staff member with superior experience or control.

The Response Source

Enquiry service which forwards email enquiries from journalists seeking help with independent editorial, such as our editorial requests.

Accessories/Jewellery Editor

An editor with specialist interest and/or experience in fashion accessories. Assumes similar responsibilities to a Fashion Editor however more focus is dedicated to the selection of footwear, bags, jewellery and general accessories for a publication.

Advertising Department

Department within publication that is responsible for generating revenue for the business by selling advertising space to suitable businesses. To sell advertising space, the department carries out a number of functions, including accepting and processing orders from advertis- ers, creating advertisements, providing media information to advertisers and advertising agencies, helping businesses develop advertising plans and working with editorial teams to develop features that will attract advertisers.

Art Work

Denotes a photograph, chart, illustration, or other graphic representation which runs next to the story to make it more interesting for a reader. In advertising terms it means graphical representation of you advert.


A name credit of a journalist or stylist underneath or aside their feature.


Written text.

Consumer Title

Publication intended for the general reader.

Cost per 1000 target market, CPM-TM

The pound cost of reaching 1000 members of a specific target market using a particular medium.

Cost per rating point (CPRP)

A measurement used in planning a television advertising purchase. It is based on the ratio of the cost of a specific commercial time slot and the rating of the television program where the time slot will be shown.

Editorial Calendar

Most publications offer an editorial calendar for the year, which typically offers the main topics that will be reviewed in each issue throughout the year.

Department within publication that selects and prepares material for publication.