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In - Person Training

If implementation of learned knowledge on your own is not your preferred way of working, then in-person one-on-one training might be a better option for you. This 8 hours training course is tailored to suit you, your team and your company’s specific requirements –helping you to develop the all the essential knowledge and necessary skills to plan, implement and deliver successful PR campaigns in the modern media landscape.

The tailored made training specifically covers strategic planning, pitching to the media, working with journalist & bloggers – as well as building positive and sustainable relationships with the press through social media.

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Our listeners are creative entrepreneurs who are looking for ways to raise their brand’s awareness and secure new customers. I’m always on the look-out to interview journalists, social media influencers, branding experts and behavioural scientists who are willing to contribute their own unique insights and share their experience all to the benefit of listeners. Feel free to complete the contact form and also tell me on why you think you would be a great guest for the PR Essentials podcast. Below are the subjects I will be covering, though please don’t hesitate to offer your own suggestions if you think they will be of benefit to listeners:

  • how to develop and maintain media relationships
  • consumer psychology
  • behavioural economics
  • brand positioning and branding strategies
  • experimental events
  • consumer trends
  • etc

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